About Global Directory

Style Stars™ Global Directory of Hair Salons and Style Artists.

We created the Global Directory of Style Artists to recognize the work of every stylist who enters the contest, whether they win or not. It takes a lot of effort to be a good hairdresser and we won't let anyone forget that!

This directory is not just another online "yellow pages". It exists as a special recognition and appreciation of your work as a style artist. Every line of every entry is reviewed by a real person to insure the information is correct.

Everyone who enters the Style Stars hair style contest benefits professionally by having their name and salon displayed in our online directory, which will be visited by large numbers of people looking for a high-scale salons or a talented stylist.

Once you sign up for the contest, your name, your work, and your salon will become a part of this website, accessible to millions of Internet users including large hair care companies and media groups. Sign up now and you'll be on top of the list forever.

More Information: Read this section on our FAQ