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"I strongly believe in and share the vision of unifying stylists from around the globe.

There is an incredible amount of knowledge that we can all learn from each other. Style Stars can give us the case of corresponding locally, with a global flavor. It's about time we capitalize on how small the world is becoming."

Dee Levin, Considered a pioneer and an authority in the field of hair color. She has twice received the” Best of Philly” award for hair color. She is a founding member of the International Hair Color Exchange.
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Style Star of 2006
global hair style contest

Style Star and Winner for
Style Stars Global Hair Contest 2006

Style Stars Global Hair Contest - Winner 2006 -
Natascha Bruppacher from Switzerland - Judges Score : 74.7

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Style Star Name Natascha Bruppacher
Address Bahnhofstrasse 23
City Biel, 2502
Country Switzerland
Website -
Photograph Robert Criblez
Makeup Artist Natascha Bruppacher
Model Name Nadia Corona

Color Formula:

Manufacture Name L'orčal (luoColor)
Color Code 7.3 / 8.13 / 7.13
Techniques Before color: dark gold blond 6 / 6.3 - Process : Top head , highlights 12 % Hydrogen and on those i made Dorčsable from Composit soft Lorčal + some thicker extensions.